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Our Team

CAP is a public practising member firm of ACCA in the UK, specialised in tax affairs, accounting & business advisory and act for various businesses including subsidiary, branch and SMEs.

We offer clients the all-in-one approach from business set-up to the end of year tax reporting. During the engagement, we are prepared to correspond with tax authority, the Registrar and any other institution in professionalism.

Our teams is internationally sophisticated in accountancy & business with extensive knowledge & qualifications to represent companies and businesses. We are passionate about assisting our clients achieving their ambitions. We are committed to supporting our clients at all seasons.

International Team

We proudly communicate at local, cross-cultural and international level.

Best Service

We are committed to supporting our clients at all seasons.

Whole Support

We offer clients the all-in-one approach services.


Local Business
CAP was helpful with dealing with Payroll and VAT return. Updated tax rules and information was informed on time and tax issue with HMRC was well sorted at ease.
Foraying into a new market can never be easy work. However, CAP helped my business go through opening an online marketplace and get along with its local regulation.
Overseas Corportation
When we tried to establish UK limited company, CAP's one-stop service from the immigration to the tax filing was really helpful! It was worth every penny I spent.
As a self-employed, I had no idea how to deal with my tax filing. CAP explained to me the whole process thoroughly and let me know about which documents are needed. I got my tax saved thanks to them!
Construction Company
I appreciate about CAP on registering CIS smoothly and delivered high-quality work in the agreed deadlines. They are always trying to think of the potential risks that we could face and deal with that in a step ahead
I've been using CAP for 2 years and just finished my charity's annual return. Their effort helped me out with funding issues that we were facing. I truly recommend their services-especially if you are charity.
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